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A Personal Thank You

06/01/2021, 8:00am PDT
By John Elder

I am going to take advantage of my role as the website administrator and post a "personal" article for a change.  :-)  Mainly, I just want a chance to say 'thank you' to the people who have made the last 4 years an incredible journey, not only for my son, Brayden, but also for me.

Thank you to the coaches who love these boys as their own and work countless hours to turn them into better men and better teammates.  The lessons they impart on these young men will last a lifetime.  Coach Cota's leadership has taken this program to a new level, and only good things are on the horizon.

Thank you to the Diamond Club members, past and present, who I have had the pleasure of serving with over these last 4 years.  From raising my hand and saying "I'd like to help", during that first parent meeting in 2017... all the way through the most recent meetings, focused on finalizing our team banquet and Summer program dates... these people have been incredible advocates for the program and worked tirelessly to ensure that each and every player and family has an incredible experience at Irvine High.  I will miss all of you very much, and I appreciate your willingness to sometimes allow me to be "that guy who does the website".  Flexibility was hugely important for me in the last year.  ;-)

And finally, thank you to the parents.  The grandparents.  The alumni.  The local fans of the program.  Everyone who ever came out to root these boys on.  Witnessing the passion you all have for the program, as well as the joy you all exhibit getting to watch your sons and grandsons and neighbors play this great game... it's been inspiring and truly makes me appreciate what is important in life.  I will miss talking with those parents I've become friends with, since our boys entered the program as Freshmen, but I hope you've enjoyed the time as much as I have.

Have an amazing Summer and for those boys continuing on in the program in the Fall... go Vaqueros!  Make the 2022 season the best yet.


John Elder

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